Saturday, 10 September 2011

Visit from Alex

Hello dear citizens of cyberspace.

Been a while since my last post - not very frequent am I!
Today my friend Alex whom I met at Emilie's birthday gathering came down to meet me in my sunny hometown of Canterbury. I took him for a short tour the Canterbury's beautiful highstreet, s'all roman and shit. Got dem Cathedrals and parks and shit. We took a quick tour, grabbed some grub at Wagamamas and chilled in Dane John park with some Thornton icecreams, reading Men's egg and Men's Knuckle. Alex almost seemed shocked by how peaceful it seemed haha!

Once we got back to mine, he taught me in detail how to style my hair in various ways , such as properly curling and adjusting my hair, and more importantly, sujimori hair strips technique. Needless to say, we whored ourselves out to cameras afterwards. If you want to check out Alex, his blog is  He's a real cool guy with some sweet threads :3

I wore black slim-fit jeans, a charcoal skinny-fit vest and a slim fitting t-shirt with a sweet union jack print, I also wore some bling an dat shit luls. I also wore my draped cardigan again, which I still haven't uploaded a photo of.  PHOTO TIME I'm such a whore for the camera. Just showing off the new hair and some of my clothes really. I need to start practicing! Also, Alex and I have a TOP SECRET PROJECT going on ;D



  1. i am still like major asdfghjkl over your hair
    it looks really good on you this hairstyle *~*;;

    and looks like alex and you ahd fun! ♥

  2. Good to see you man, I love that pic of me it makes me look 4ft tall T_T

  3. Woot, the strips look so perfect! :3

  4. Oh gosh, I love your hair so much~ <3 so pretty > U <

  5. i love your style man! it deserves a follow!!

  6. Wow your hair is so shiny! Impressive! Nice blog!

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