Thursday, 11 August 2011


Alright Y'all, here's the deal YO

I have not posted since, like, before my birthday. My birthday was June the tenth. Since prom, my last update, a huge number of things have happened. I went to a sort of blog-isolation because of revision for my finals, and even got the results back since prom's post. I did well enough, so I'm heading off to university! SWEET.

I had my 18th birthday too, which was relatively eventful, Had a gathering and day out with all my bros and bro-ettes, got myself my ID and now I'm up to all sorts of mischief.

I recently received a big shipment of clothing from Japan, so look forward to more updates soon, showing off some of my new threads - It's definitely leaning away from host and into the more casual, interesting looks.
Also, I'm thinking of dying or highlighting my hair, but can't decide what. Also, I'm practicing styling soon, after I buy a few new products.

This Saturday is my lovely friend Emilie's birthday party In London, so i'll be sure to take photos of all the UK gal and such!

See you soon, and let me know what you think, especially with the hair.
                                                                      (random Image)


  1. Glad to see that you're back! ^^

  2. I think both these guys hair colours and styles would suit you ^______^

  3. I love their hairstyles! Ima need to practice though

  4. I'm by no means saying I'm a pro but do you generally know how to do it?

  5. Hooray~ I'd love to see all your new threads, G.
    Can't wait for saturday - we're gonna rock london! x

  6. lol Emilie, yeah sujimori?

  7. I have a rough outline, but any tips and stuff is very much welcome :3

  8. Like i said I'm not a master but if you like my hair sat I can tell you what I do ^^