Sunday, 14 August 2011

Emilie's 21st Birthday - Day out

Yesterday, Saturday the 13th, was a big day out and gathering in London in celebration of Emilie's upcoming birthday. This was my first time meeting Emilie and some of her friends, as well as seeing some old faces, some friendlier than others. I got on swimmingly with her boyfriend Alex, and his brother Dominic! It felt as though I had known Alex for years, though it was the first time we had met. Everyone had some sick styles, and some flashy threads!

My set consisted of my Sarrouel Baggy pantsu, A black vest top, a low cut slim fit top with a strange cut, and a long draped cardigan, with my black high-tops.

Mt set for the day (minus cardi)

I woke up earlier than I usually would, spent ages messing with my hair and then re-doing it, and eventually set decided what to wear and set off. I took some photos before I left! I told my mum I was going to Brighton, because of the recent riots in London, the true destination. My hair had gone to shit before I even made it to London, but Alex later styles my hair very quickly into sujimori on one side, so I'm going to start learning how to do it myself!

We met in Piccadilly Circus and at first there were only 5 of us. We went to Costa and drank ice toffee/chocolate shake thingies. We were going to go to an arcade, but it was closed down ages ago, so I was really upset! Afterwards we went and did some purikura! I'll upload some of it eventually. In the evening, we met with a number more folk, and we all went to Wagamamas to eat, then went to Haagen-daaz for some tasty ice cream. I didn't get home until past twelve ;A;

It was amazing to meet everyone, and I hope i'll see them again soon.
here is a few photos! The others took way more than me, so eventually I may upload more (better) ones!
Also, my hair went black instead of dark brown - fuck.

Alex and Emilie

Dominic and Fran



  1. I agree with Alex, You're seriously one cool chap there, Chris!

    What an awesome day~! Loved every moment!
    And don't worry, you will get the hang of the hair soon... as will I one day lol.

    Thank you for taking such cute photos - we will post all the checki on FB soon, and I am sure Alex will post all of his soon too.

    I'm glad you got home safely though ;_; - let's hang out soon please! <3 <3

  2. ZOMGYOURHAIR!!!! Has it changed colour or something? o_O

    Anyways, looks as if you had an amazing time :D

  3. @Lizzie Ahaha, do you like it? I tried to dye it dark brown, but it went black! ;A;

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  5. Bawww.. I don't even get a special mention?!

  6. You had a good time with your friends, cool ! ☆

  7. love your style a lot!! i wish there were gyaru-o's in my country as well! :D

  8. Oh I relly love your style from the first picture !
    This suits you very well! ~☆