Monday, 2 May 2011

Private party on a yacht.

You read. Somehow I found myself at a wedding. Which was on a boat. We partied until rather quite late, as you can imagine. It was suits, champagne, women and cake for me that night!I took some photos of myself, and I took one or two on the boat, but I didn't take photos of most of it, which is a shame because I wanted to show it off! The photos below of the ship were taken in the captains cabin. Fitting right? There were stripper poles is most of the rooms... These were taken before the party started, thus the sunlight.

Also, my exams start TOMORROW. So uh... fuck. Wish me luck folks! If I do well, I'll be heading out to Japan again, but with a shitload more money. HERE I COME BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES and everything else thats awesome about Japan.

EDIT: My friend Farrah did a photoshop edit and gave me a tan LOL I'm considering getting a real one now!


  1. Ganbatte Kudasai! :D

  2. good luck for your exams :3

  3. Looking dashing! Busy times at college for me too at the moment so can empathise, just work hard then relaxing Summer times for you :D

  4. good luck! * 3 *

    your styling was awesome! ♥

  5. Wedding on a boat sounds really awesome and classy but stripper poles in the rooms O-o sounds rather weird.... and a little nasty XD

    - You look very good in a suit and yeah, you should really consider getting a tan (not that you dont look good 'pale') but it's almost summer and getting tanned kinda goes hand in hand with summer :D
    btw good luck with exams!