Thursday, 19 May 2011

Casual Threads - Kosuke

Hey guys. Just a random postage of some photos. It's just some casual threads I threw on one day, and my attempt with more perm, wild hair. I'm trying to decide if I prefer the Wild and wavy/permy hair, or the standard back combed look... What do you guys think?
            On another note, someone accused me of making up the whole Kosuke and Kouichirou being hosts/models type thing, so I got a bit pissed off. I don't make things up.After speaking to Kosuke, he told me for legal reasons he cant send me his actual modelling photos, he doesn't have permission, but I did steal some photos of him and his friends off his facebook. Don't tell anyone or hell get pissed off with me, and maybe get in trouble with his boss if the second one IS a modelling one..!



  1. Accused you of lying? Haha wow. That's pretty low o-o I mean.. if you have something to lie about, make it something interesting ;D


  2. looks very good! * 3 *

  3. Wild hair! Awesome :3 greetings from Sweden~~

  4. Haters will hate. *Shrug*

    I like the 1st picture, you're hair looks reeeally puffy on that one. Puffy hair = Good. One of my friends is into japanese hosts a lot and when she's "hunting" in Tokyo she looks for the puffy hair lol

  5. haters to the left DX;;

    i love your hair in those pictures. so nice ♥

  6. you look good! just something with the trousers is not working for me @@