Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Goodbye Facebook

I'm in the heart of revision 'season' and exams are so soon! In an attempt to shake off cyber stalkers and prevent distraction I disabled my Facebook account - which means i'm more likely to update this blog frequently, as I still need my internet fix!
              Feeling a little bit down today for various reasons.. Bummer really! I also took like 24534435 photos, but of course, I look so much worse on them than I appear to do so irl or on the camera! Siiighhhh. I've been experimenting with my hair a little more recently, I'm going to get more layers cut into it and start back combing it a little, but I need to find out how to KEEP IT UP.
              Also we made Butanikku Gyoza today FUCKING DELICIOUS

                                                                        -Photos ensue-


  1. Your hair looks really good :) Nice & choppy!

  2. yum *w*;;
    now i want to eat gyoza too ;_;

    and your hair looks nice :3
    and backcombing works when your ahir is not too long
    and just use a lot of hairspray
    you'll be fine! ♥