Saturday, 9 April 2011

Exam Update

Hey guys, I know I've been updating slow as hell these days, but theres been a lot going on.
I have exams all may, so I have been revising a lot for those. My girlfriend broke up with me a few
weeks ago and then my dad had a heart attack. So, you know, a few little trials huh.

After payed 70+ pounds for my Japanese clothes instead of the original 40~50. I finally got them.
I will post pictures of myself wearing them soon but for now have the catalogue images.
I actually took a photo of my new high tops too, because they're awsome. The 3/4 length sleeved ones are in Dark Red, black/charcoal for the long sleeves.

My hair has grown a bit now as well, and I'm tempted to colour it, but I can't decide. Here are the pics.

お兄系メンズファッション通販【JIGGYS SHOP(ジギーズショップ)】


  1. Sorry to hear about your dad and the gf stuff. Hope he is feeling better...

    Nice buys :)

  2. i am sorry about your dad~ hope he is alright now! >___<;;
    and.. even though it might sound stupid
    (i was so sad when my ex bf and me broke up..)
    but you'll get over it
    i know it will be a stupid time now, but just concentrate on your exams and stuff what is really important now!!

    and nice stuff you got! waiting for seeing pictures of you wearing it!
    take care ♪

  3. They are beautiful, But I did it mainly to test if I would fit Japanese XL sizes (which I do) and shoe sizes, as well as test out shipping and handling costs.

  4. Sorry to hear about your dad and stuff... Hope you feel better soon ^^

    Naaice clothes! :D Can't believe you paid so much for them lawls :P