Sunday, 24 April 2011

Back combing!

 I was experimenting with back combing so I thought id show you guys. I'm getting better but still not quite there yet! I need to define the spikes more.. And does anyone know a good way/product to keep it UP? Mine goes flat too quickly! I've spent the last few days revising and meeting up with old friends I don't see as often. It was nice - I've gotten into the habit of always having my camera, I might have more things to show you guys that way! Also, I'm going to be raiding some of the 109-2 stores soon; Buffalo Bob's, Diavlo etc are going to bankrupt me.  More soon!


  1. your hair looks so nice ;___;~~~
    and lol @the dirt
    i think it would suit you XD such a piercing 8D

  2. Try Matt Paste, by toni and guy, or V05 gel spray to keep it up.
    You're lookin' fine, homie.

  3. Spray before backcombing and dont use too much wax cos its heavy.

  4. your hair look great!
    and I really like your blog ^^