Thursday, 10 March 2011


Ok everyone! As i'm sure the what.. 10? of you have noticed, I update irregularly...
If more people were to join, i'm sure I would post more often.
I have re-ordered clothes from Japan that were canceled previously. Upon their arrival I will post photos!

On the topic of hair, mine has grown since it was destroyed by British hairdressers. I played with it myself a little, and soon ill be posting some of my hair experiments.
At the moment i'm favoring the natural-but-styled wavy look! I'll post photos soon!

I want this blog to become popular, especially to people such as myself, so there are improvements I want to make.. And I would kinda of like some help from anyone who cares enough and is bored/free enough!

First and foremost, this blog is an ugly default skin. No good! After I have some content, help making a pretty blog would be nice! (i'm no good at this stuff)

Also, I would like to encourage commenting on my posts etc, making suggestions etc! It keeps the blog active and helps me help myself! I can take constructive criticism in all aspects of this blog, I need it!

I'll keep you guys posted, spread the word <3


  1. SUP BRO

    Pictures definitely make a blog more interesting to look at so I think most of your entries should have at least one pictures of you, your clothes, something you've been doing or something you're going to buy on them.
    Tag all your entries with relevant things so you have a chance of your blog popping up on google when people search things like England, Gyaruo etc, put some fun links in your side bar, get a snazzy header

    and most importantly, keep your layout simple! Decorate the background, play with colours but don't bother with all that fancy shit like a music player and scrolling texts and a customized arrow cursor

    Also, network. Post your blog link to all the sites you've joined, site signatures, link it on FB, twitter etc and comment on other peoples blogs cos that's one other place that your name can be seen

  2. SWEET Thanks Emz. How do I tag shit?

  3. where you write your blog entry, there's a little box underneath it that says Labels i.e tags so you write all your tags in there x

  4. From what I've learned of the blogging world so far, the most important thing that seems to catch people's attention are pictures. I think everyone is a little curious to see how the grass looks on the other side. Everyone would like to be in someone else's shoes for a day just to see what it's like, how it's different, etc. By posting pictures of random things, can be new clothes you bought, new food you tried, somewhere you went, something interesting you saw on the street, etc. Post it and blog about it.

    Also, before others spread the word, you should start spreading the word :) As Emmie said, put your blog link everywhere. I have it on my Twitter and in my signature on two forums I frequently chat in.

    Another thing I found help was commenting on other blogger's entries/posts/blogs. For a while I had an empty blog, I used my account just to post comments on other's blogs. I chatted with them, made friends with others I had similar interest to and when I started writing my own blog, I found them commenting on mine! It's like common courtesy, when someone posts often on your blog, you get to take interest in theirs and comment on their blog as they have been commenting on yours.

    Hope this helps! :) Good luck~