Friday, 11 March 2011

Natural Hair - Casual

So, today it randomly occurred to me that I should probably take some photos for this blog.
This should give you a rough idea of what I style my hair like on a normal day at school! Its natural, how I wake up with waves of varying strength. I don't have time to properly style my hair, so I'm calling this the casual! I just quickly mess up the top a bit, and bring some hair forward from the back. This is a neat trick because, when done to more of an extreme, it can look like I teased it a little. This is a dumbed down version! If I whip out the comb and wax as well as the spray, it can get good! Ill post pictures of that too sometime.

I don't quite consider this to be Gyaru-o when its casual, but it will make for good before/after photos. Or maybe the more over the top versions...



  1. You're fortunate to have such nice hair! It looks soft and thick. Am sure with some styling products you'll be fine!

  2. Wowzers, I really like your hair! It looks more styled then yoou described it to be o_o also, thanks for following ^_^

  3. Not really, I literally just pulled some forward from the back! If I backcomb it etc etc it's a bit more creative, but I like ti more simple.. It just needs to grow.

  4. your hair looks so nice and healthy *-* ♥