Friday, 11 March 2011

Natural Hair - Casual

So, today it randomly occurred to me that I should probably take some photos for this blog.
This should give you a rough idea of what I style my hair like on a normal day at school! Its natural, how I wake up with waves of varying strength. I don't have time to properly style my hair, so I'm calling this the casual! I just quickly mess up the top a bit, and bring some hair forward from the back. This is a neat trick because, when done to more of an extreme, it can look like I teased it a little. This is a dumbed down version! If I whip out the comb and wax as well as the spray, it can get good! Ill post pictures of that too sometime.

I don't quite consider this to be Gyaru-o when its casual, but it will make for good before/after photos. Or maybe the more over the top versions...


Thursday, 10 March 2011


Ok everyone! As i'm sure the what.. 10? of you have noticed, I update irregularly...
If more people were to join, i'm sure I would post more often.
I have re-ordered clothes from Japan that were canceled previously. Upon their arrival I will post photos!

On the topic of hair, mine has grown since it was destroyed by British hairdressers. I played with it myself a little, and soon ill be posting some of my hair experiments.
At the moment i'm favoring the natural-but-styled wavy look! I'll post photos soon!

I want this blog to become popular, especially to people such as myself, so there are improvements I want to make.. And I would kinda of like some help from anyone who cares enough and is bored/free enough!

First and foremost, this blog is an ugly default skin. No good! After I have some content, help making a pretty blog would be nice! (i'm no good at this stuff)

Also, I would like to encourage commenting on my posts etc, making suggestions etc! It keeps the blog active and helps me help myself! I can take constructive criticism in all aspects of this blog, I need it!

I'll keep you guys posted, spread the word <3