Monday, 14 February 2011

Step One - The Hair

Ok, so the blog is set up. It's still day one, and the blog is bland as hell. Eventually ill play with coding, take some more photos and make this a little more presentable!

One of the key aspects of Gyaru-o fashion lies in the hair styles. They have their own very distinct styles. They often consist of teased and wax-pointed hair with a lot of volume and shape. Sometime they opt for the more wavy curls type look, but always manage to keep a sense of elegance, if thats the right word.

Cureently, I have very generic, mid-length western hair that I do not style in any way.
This all changes as of tomorrow. yes tomorrow, the day after valentines, I have booked a haircut. I will show you after images, but heres a picture of me now so you get the drift of how generic I look!

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