Monday, 14 February 2011

The Introduction

Japanese fashions of many varieties are gradually becoming more and more popular in the west. From the more music orientated styles, such as the Visual Kei style to the street fashions and so on. One of the key fashions, however, is called Gyaru fashion. Girls all over Europe and the USA are gradually spreading word of these fashions, and 'Gal circles' begin to form. As the most unique looking style in England, it caught my attention. That and I have some friends who have become some of the UK Gal. And then I found out that Gyaru had a male counterpart; Gyaru-o. I had been interested in it for a long time, but never really had the will to give it a go myself. That is, until I met some certain encouraging (and very attractive!) individuals convinced me to do so.
        Challenge accepted! I've not really seen much in the way of impressive western Gyaru-o but I won't let that dishearten me! This blog is going to show my transformation from a regular English kid to a UK Gyaru-o, step by step. Certainly, some people will be skeptical of my ability to become a vessel for this Japanese influence, but I hope I will succeed and perhaps inspire more people in my position to follow the same route! Hopefully ill get some constructive criticism and make some new friends in the process!


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