Thursday, 24 February 2011


Ok guys, a quick update. I've had a messed up up half term so far, I won't lie! Some serious shit went down with my girlfriend, my mums having a midlife crisis and my hair still sucks monkey balls and won't grow quickly enough for an impatient man myself. Also its been fuckin ages since I ordered my clothes hisss I swear to god if customs have got their grubby hands on it....

Anyway, until something goes right I doubt ill have many photos to upload, unless I decide to upload my current shitty hairstyle for the sake of a before and after. HOWEVER for a school project I am currently shooting a film, and that should be on YouTube soon, so you'll be able to see me AND bits of my skillful camera work!

Updates soon, I hope.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Haircut And clothing!

Ok, so I've had a very bad day today. I won't go into the details, but I had my haircut and it is AWFUL. I wen't in with a generic haircut and left with an even more generic haircut. How, when i had a large photograph of what I wanted, could things have gone quite so wrong? Not all hope is lost though.
           I recently ordered some clothes from the Japanese website 'Rakuten'. Certainly, I wont be seeing the clothes for a while but at least it's something to look forward to. Also, my hair grows very quickly. I'm tempted to take the matter of my hair into my own hands! Until then ill have to work with what I have got. I'll post images soon!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Step One - The Hair

Ok, so the blog is set up. It's still day one, and the blog is bland as hell. Eventually ill play with coding, take some more photos and make this a little more presentable!

One of the key aspects of Gyaru-o fashion lies in the hair styles. They have their own very distinct styles. They often consist of teased and wax-pointed hair with a lot of volume and shape. Sometime they opt for the more wavy curls type look, but always manage to keep a sense of elegance, if thats the right word.

Cureently, I have very generic, mid-length western hair that I do not style in any way.
This all changes as of tomorrow. yes tomorrow, the day after valentines, I have booked a haircut. I will show you after images, but heres a picture of me now so you get the drift of how generic I look!

The Introduction

Japanese fashions of many varieties are gradually becoming more and more popular in the west. From the more music orientated styles, such as the Visual Kei style to the street fashions and so on. One of the key fashions, however, is called Gyaru fashion. Girls all over Europe and the USA are gradually spreading word of these fashions, and 'Gal circles' begin to form. As the most unique looking style in England, it caught my attention. That and I have some friends who have become some of the UK Gal. And then I found out that Gyaru had a male counterpart; Gyaru-o. I had been interested in it for a long time, but never really had the will to give it a go myself. That is, until I met some certain encouraging (and very attractive!) individuals convinced me to do so.
        Challenge accepted! I've not really seen much in the way of impressive western Gyaru-o but I won't let that dishearten me! This blog is going to show my transformation from a regular English kid to a UK Gyaru-o, step by step. Certainly, some people will be skeptical of my ability to become a vessel for this Japanese influence, but I hope I will succeed and perhaps inspire more people in my position to follow the same route! Hopefully ill get some constructive criticism and make some new friends in the process!