Saturday, 10 September 2011

Visit from Alex

Hello dear citizens of cyberspace.

Been a while since my last post - not very frequent am I!
Today my friend Alex whom I met at Emilie's birthday gathering came down to meet me in my sunny hometown of Canterbury. I took him for a short tour the Canterbury's beautiful highstreet, s'all roman and shit. Got dem Cathedrals and parks and shit. We took a quick tour, grabbed some grub at Wagamamas and chilled in Dane John park with some Thornton icecreams, reading Men's egg and Men's Knuckle. Alex almost seemed shocked by how peaceful it seemed haha!

Once we got back to mine, he taught me in detail how to style my hair in various ways , such as properly curling and adjusting my hair, and more importantly, sujimori hair strips technique. Needless to say, we whored ourselves out to cameras afterwards. If you want to check out Alex, his blog is  He's a real cool guy with some sweet threads :3

I wore black slim-fit jeans, a charcoal skinny-fit vest and a slim fitting t-shirt with a sweet union jack print, I also wore some bling an dat shit luls. I also wore my draped cardigan again, which I still haven't uploaded a photo of.  PHOTO TIME I'm such a whore for the camera. Just showing off the new hair and some of my clothes really. I need to start practicing! Also, Alex and I have a TOP SECRET PROJECT going on ;D


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Emilie's 21st Birthday - Day out

Yesterday, Saturday the 13th, was a big day out and gathering in London in celebration of Emilie's upcoming birthday. This was my first time meeting Emilie and some of her friends, as well as seeing some old faces, some friendlier than others. I got on swimmingly with her boyfriend Alex, and his brother Dominic! It felt as though I had known Alex for years, though it was the first time we had met. Everyone had some sick styles, and some flashy threads!

My set consisted of my Sarrouel Baggy pantsu, A black vest top, a low cut slim fit top with a strange cut, and a long draped cardigan, with my black high-tops.

Mt set for the day (minus cardi)

I woke up earlier than I usually would, spent ages messing with my hair and then re-doing it, and eventually set decided what to wear and set off. I took some photos before I left! I told my mum I was going to Brighton, because of the recent riots in London, the true destination. My hair had gone to shit before I even made it to London, but Alex later styles my hair very quickly into sujimori on one side, so I'm going to start learning how to do it myself!

We met in Piccadilly Circus and at first there were only 5 of us. We went to Costa and drank ice toffee/chocolate shake thingies. We were going to go to an arcade, but it was closed down ages ago, so I was really upset! Afterwards we went and did some purikura! I'll upload some of it eventually. In the evening, we met with a number more folk, and we all went to Wagamamas to eat, then went to Haagen-daaz for some tasty ice cream. I didn't get home until past twelve ;A;

It was amazing to meet everyone, and I hope i'll see them again soon.
here is a few photos! The others took way more than me, so eventually I may upload more (better) ones!
Also, my hair went black instead of dark brown - fuck.

Alex and Emilie

Dominic and Fran


Thursday, 11 August 2011


Alright Y'all, here's the deal YO

I have not posted since, like, before my birthday. My birthday was June the tenth. Since prom, my last update, a huge number of things have happened. I went to a sort of blog-isolation because of revision for my finals, and even got the results back since prom's post. I did well enough, so I'm heading off to university! SWEET.

I had my 18th birthday too, which was relatively eventful, Had a gathering and day out with all my bros and bro-ettes, got myself my ID and now I'm up to all sorts of mischief.

I recently received a big shipment of clothing from Japan, so look forward to more updates soon, showing off some of my new threads - It's definitely leaning away from host and into the more casual, interesting looks.
Also, I'm thinking of dying or highlighting my hair, but can't decide what. Also, I'm practicing styling soon, after I buy a few new products.

This Saturday is my lovely friend Emilie's birthday party In London, so i'll be sure to take photos of all the UK gal and such!

See you soon, and let me know what you think, especially with the hair.
                                                                      (random Image)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

School Prom - Last goodbyes

Hey everyone! Been a short while. I recently finished school for good, so I have 5 months to waste time before uni. I'm looking for a job so I can buy more beautiful clothes lul. I decided to upload some drunken photos from the Prom where we all had to say our last goodbyes, as well as a small hair+clothes shot from my day out today! Hopefully ill have a better blog layout soon, something easier on the eyes. be sure to comment and give me advice on style!

This is the first time I've owned a pair of sunglasses! They apparently suit me in person, but i'm not so sure about photographs. Also the denim jacket is too small, so I'm going to get a new one to replace it. Kinda just realized this is the same outfit as my post 2234534 weeks ago. I do apologise.  And excuse the funny faces in the prom photos. A little drunk.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Casual Threads - Kosuke

Hey guys. Just a random postage of some photos. It's just some casual threads I threw on one day, and my attempt with more perm, wild hair. I'm trying to decide if I prefer the Wild and wavy/permy hair, or the standard back combed look... What do you guys think?
            On another note, someone accused me of making up the whole Kosuke and Kouichirou being hosts/models type thing, so I got a bit pissed off. I don't make things up.After speaking to Kosuke, he told me for legal reasons he cant send me his actual modelling photos, he doesn't have permission, but I did steal some photos of him and his friends off his facebook. Don't tell anyone or hell get pissed off with me, and maybe get in trouble with his boss if the second one IS a modelling one..!


Monday, 9 May 2011

Wild Hair

An extension from the last post, I decided to try a wild style, with a mix of curls and straight hair, with more volume and height. Turned out OK I think. I'm sure this blog already has too many generic hair photos, so Ill start doing some threads. My father is taking me clothes shopping one of these days - Let's see if the English can supply and decent threads!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Experiment - Wavy/Perm

Hey, just a tiny little update. I've been experimenting with my hair, and I think this wavy/permy look has a lot of potential. This was my first attempt, so If I work on it, maybe it will be good. Let me know what you think~

Monday, 2 May 2011

Private party on a yacht.

You read. Somehow I found myself at a wedding. Which was on a boat. We partied until rather quite late, as you can imagine. It was suits, champagne, women and cake for me that night!I took some photos of myself, and I took one or two on the boat, but I didn't take photos of most of it, which is a shame because I wanted to show it off! The photos below of the ship were taken in the captains cabin. Fitting right? There were stripper poles is most of the rooms... These were taken before the party started, thus the sunlight.

Also, my exams start TOMORROW. So uh... fuck. Wish me luck folks! If I do well, I'll be heading out to Japan again, but with a shitload more money. HERE I COME BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES and everything else thats awesome about Japan.

EDIT: My friend Farrah did a photoshop edit and gave me a tan LOL I'm considering getting a real one now!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Kouichirou and Kosuke!

So, today I met Kouichirou again. And he brought along his friend Kosuke.
they're only here until the 9th of may, but oh my god are they amazing people.
It turns out they have both been top notch models, and Kosuke used to be a host too.
They showed me photos of their modelling, and it's so different to their casual look!
They're both earning fortunes with their current jobs.

They have me loads of fashion tips and explained a lot to me about Japanese fashion. They invited me to stay with them when I go to Japan and that they will take me shopping, clubbing and to meet girls. they even said
I could easily get a modelling job there. But I doubt I could look as good as they did, phoooar! They're going to e-mail me some of the photos of their host/model days, so you guys can swoon over them. And me. I will also swoon.

On top of that, I feel more at home with them than I do most of my normal friends. It's like I've known them forever, and they never stop making me laugh, dancing, singing, telling jokes and molesting everyone.
Looks like I'll have friends when I move there.

Anyway, here are some photos of them as they we're today. It's a drastic change!
Kosuke is the one with browner hair and the silver blazer, baggy style pants and micky mouse top.
Those baggy pants were sexy, but they cost him over 60 quid!

                                                       SEXUSHII POSE TIME!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Outfits?! Koichiro!

My friend Koichiro has arrived from Japan! Tomorrow I will be going out with him and taking lots of photos, so expect another post! Also, I am slowly getting more followers and comments, which makes me happy <3 I like it when you guys comment, so feel free to say hello and give constructive criticism!


I noticed a lot of Gyaru gals often post their daily outfits and stuff. I will probably do that every now and then but... For the sake of comparison, I decided to upload photos of myself on a normal school day! My hair is natural in these photographs, so styling or anything. I'm also only wearing a shirt and cardigan, nothing fancy or particularly Gyaru-o! Oh and theres a random old photo I found for more content.

Also, my friend Sascha is going to be helping me with HTML and whatnot to actually make this blog pretty! IT'S SO UGLY AND BORING ATM! More soon <3 Ja ne <3

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Back combing!

 I was experimenting with back combing so I thought id show you guys. I'm getting better but still not quite there yet! I need to define the spikes more.. And does anyone know a good way/product to keep it UP? Mine goes flat too quickly! I've spent the last few days revising and meeting up with old friends I don't see as often. It was nice - I've gotten into the habit of always having my camera, I might have more things to show you guys that way! Also, I'm going to be raiding some of the 109-2 stores soon; Buffalo Bob's, Diavlo etc are going to bankrupt me.  More soon!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Goodbye Facebook

I'm in the heart of revision 'season' and exams are so soon! In an attempt to shake off cyber stalkers and prevent distraction I disabled my Facebook account - which means i'm more likely to update this blog frequently, as I still need my internet fix!
              Feeling a little bit down today for various reasons.. Bummer really! I also took like 24534435 photos, but of course, I look so much worse on them than I appear to do so irl or on the camera! Siiighhhh. I've been experimenting with my hair a little more recently, I'm going to get more layers cut into it and start back combing it a little, but I need to find out how to KEEP IT UP.
              Also we made Butanikku Gyoza today FUCKING DELICIOUS

                                                                        -Photos ensue-

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A few new things

Well, today i randomly decided to throw on a few things for the blog. The red top and the shoes are new! Sorry for looking crap, I took about 52345345 photos and they looked GOOD on the camera.. not on PC :A: I need way more threads, especially jeans.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Exam Update

Hey guys, I know I've been updating slow as hell these days, but theres been a lot going on.
I have exams all may, so I have been revising a lot for those. My girlfriend broke up with me a few
weeks ago and then my dad had a heart attack. So, you know, a few little trials huh.

After payed 70+ pounds for my Japanese clothes instead of the original 40~50. I finally got them.
I will post pictures of myself wearing them soon but for now have the catalogue images.
I actually took a photo of my new high tops too, because they're awsome. The 3/4 length sleeved ones are in Dark Red, black/charcoal for the long sleeves.

My hair has grown a bit now as well, and I'm tempted to colour it, but I can't decide. Here are the pics.

お兄系メンズファッション通販【JIGGYS SHOP(ジギーズショップ)】

Friday, 11 March 2011

Natural Hair - Casual

So, today it randomly occurred to me that I should probably take some photos for this blog.
This should give you a rough idea of what I style my hair like on a normal day at school! Its natural, how I wake up with waves of varying strength. I don't have time to properly style my hair, so I'm calling this the casual! I just quickly mess up the top a bit, and bring some hair forward from the back. This is a neat trick because, when done to more of an extreme, it can look like I teased it a little. This is a dumbed down version! If I whip out the comb and wax as well as the spray, it can get good! Ill post pictures of that too sometime.

I don't quite consider this to be Gyaru-o when its casual, but it will make for good before/after photos. Or maybe the more over the top versions...


Thursday, 10 March 2011


Ok everyone! As i'm sure the what.. 10? of you have noticed, I update irregularly...
If more people were to join, i'm sure I would post more often.
I have re-ordered clothes from Japan that were canceled previously. Upon their arrival I will post photos!

On the topic of hair, mine has grown since it was destroyed by British hairdressers. I played with it myself a little, and soon ill be posting some of my hair experiments.
At the moment i'm favoring the natural-but-styled wavy look! I'll post photos soon!

I want this blog to become popular, especially to people such as myself, so there are improvements I want to make.. And I would kinda of like some help from anyone who cares enough and is bored/free enough!

First and foremost, this blog is an ugly default skin. No good! After I have some content, help making a pretty blog would be nice! (i'm no good at this stuff)

Also, I would like to encourage commenting on my posts etc, making suggestions etc! It keeps the blog active and helps me help myself! I can take constructive criticism in all aspects of this blog, I need it!

I'll keep you guys posted, spread the word <3

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Ok guys, a quick update. I've had a messed up up half term so far, I won't lie! Some serious shit went down with my girlfriend, my mums having a midlife crisis and my hair still sucks monkey balls and won't grow quickly enough for an impatient man myself. Also its been fuckin ages since I ordered my clothes hisss I swear to god if customs have got their grubby hands on it....

Anyway, until something goes right I doubt ill have many photos to upload, unless I decide to upload my current shitty hairstyle for the sake of a before and after. HOWEVER for a school project I am currently shooting a film, and that should be on YouTube soon, so you'll be able to see me AND bits of my skillful camera work!

Updates soon, I hope.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Haircut And clothing!

Ok, so I've had a very bad day today. I won't go into the details, but I had my haircut and it is AWFUL. I wen't in with a generic haircut and left with an even more generic haircut. How, when i had a large photograph of what I wanted, could things have gone quite so wrong? Not all hope is lost though.
           I recently ordered some clothes from the Japanese website 'Rakuten'. Certainly, I wont be seeing the clothes for a while but at least it's something to look forward to. Also, my hair grows very quickly. I'm tempted to take the matter of my hair into my own hands! Until then ill have to work with what I have got. I'll post images soon!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Step One - The Hair

Ok, so the blog is set up. It's still day one, and the blog is bland as hell. Eventually ill play with coding, take some more photos and make this a little more presentable!

One of the key aspects of Gyaru-o fashion lies in the hair styles. They have their own very distinct styles. They often consist of teased and wax-pointed hair with a lot of volume and shape. Sometime they opt for the more wavy curls type look, but always manage to keep a sense of elegance, if thats the right word.

Cureently, I have very generic, mid-length western hair that I do not style in any way.
This all changes as of tomorrow. yes tomorrow, the day after valentines, I have booked a haircut. I will show you after images, but heres a picture of me now so you get the drift of how generic I look!